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Legal expert on collective bargaining advises Higher Education Leadership course

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April 7, 2011—A Chicago attorney shared his expertise about collective bargaining issues while guest lecturing a course in North Central College’s Higher Education Leadership graduate program.

Larry Poltrock of the Chicago-based firm Poltrock & Poltrock told students in the master’s degree course on legal aspects of higher education they shouldn’t think of unions as just functions of blue-collar laborers. Collective bargaining issues affect teachers and other professionals represented by unions, he explained.

“Among private institutions, the pervasive model is that faculty have a substantial role in managing the institution,” Portlock said. He went on to describe relationships between educators represented by unions and the institutions that employ them, and how collective bargaining and labor relations affect both groups.

Poltrock, a 1963 alumnus of North Central, knows more than a little about how collective bargaining issues affect educators. His law firm’s clients include the Chicago Teachers Union, which represents more than 32,000 Chicago Public Schools teachers. The union’s affiliations include the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

Higher Education Leadership is among four tracks offered in North Central’s master’s degree in leadership. The Higher Education Leadership track prepares participants for successful careers in college and university administration, including student affairs, admission, financial aid, athletics and academics. The program integrates theory-based coursework and extensive experiential work, providing opportunities to learn how to incorporate leadership and human development theory into day-to-day operational experience.

Experts in their fields, prominent guest speakers and other leaders share their expertise with students and establish networking connections that help lead to career opportunities for participants in North Central’s graduate programs. Leadership Studies is among six graduate degrees offered at North Central.


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