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Hamalis contributes four articles to encyclopedia

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Perry Hamalis, associate professor of religious studies and director of Office of Academic Opportunities, contributed four, 1,000-word articles to the new work, “The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity,” edited by John A. McGuckin (Columbia University) and published by Wiley-Blackwell (2011). The articles he authored are on “Bioethics,” “Death (and Funeral),” “Ethics” and “War.” The research he conducted to prepare the articles was funded by a 2009 North Central College faculty summer grant. 

The work has been described as “an outstanding reference work providing the first English-language multi-volume account of the key historical, liturgical and doctrinal features of Eastern Orthodoxy. ...The Orthodox Churches are extensive families of ancient Christianity that derive from apostolic times and took much of their external shape in the Byzantine era. Today they are reemerging after generations of suppression and state persecution in eastern Europe, and now have a growing presence in western Europe and America. Their voice is that of the largest single block of world Christians after contemporary Roman Catholics, but it is a voice, so far, largely unheard in the West.”