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Guest speakers tell graduate students in education about technology use in classrooms

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21st Century Classroom

Students working toward graduate degrees in North Central College’s master of arts in education (MAEd) program recently heard two guest speakers talk about how technology is being used in today’s elementary, middle and high school classrooms.

Susan Mack, visiting instructor of education, hosted the lecture by guest speakers Tony Schlorff, a math teacher in Naperville Community Unit School District 203, and Rodney Mack, executive director of technology for Wheaton Community Unit School District 200.

“I tried to bring as many toys as I could possibly carry with me,” Schloff told Mack’s students, gesturing to a table of gadgets including iPod Touches, a scanner and a tablet computer.

Schloff uses technology in most aspects of teaching, and he taught the class new ways to use technology in the classroom, like how to use a smart board to make learning interactive for the entire class. Schloff is enrolled in the curriculum and instruction track of North Central’s MAEd program.

Rodney Mack talked about working with district administrators to explain new uses for technology in classrooms. Mack earned his bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in education leadership at North Central.

Experts in their fields, prominent guest speakers and other leaders share their expertise with students and establish networking connections that help lead to career opportunities for participants in North Central’s graduate programs.

Master of arts in education is among six graduate degrees offered at North Central College. Visit to learn more.