North Central College - Naperville, IL

Gems is recognized for professional work

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Gerald Gems, professor of health and physical education
Gerald Gems, professor of health and physical education

Gerald Gems, North Central College professor of health and physical education, gave a presentation titled “The Globalization of Boxing” at the 40th conference of the North American Society for Sport History in Berkeley, Calif., on May 21. An editor from Scarecrow Press, who attended the session, offered Gems a book contract on the subject.

Also during the conference, Gems was honored by Professor Kohei Kawashima, Director of the Faculty of Humanities at Musashi University in Japan, who presented him with a book on sport and racism in Japan with the inscription, “without your great works, this book would not exist.” Kawashina’s book is based on some of Gems’ previous work.

Gems also was one of 15 professors chosen for a curriculum project at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. The project seeks to find the best teaching practices in sport history classes.

In addition, Gems was notified that his presentation at the French military academy in late 2010 will be translated into French and published by the University of Rennes as an article in an anthology titled “Sport and War.”