North Central College - Naperville, IL

Gems is featured in documentary, gives online interview and talk at local museum

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Gerald Gems, professor of health and physical education
Gerald Gems, professor of health and physical education

Gerald Gems, North Central College professor of health and physical education, was interviewed and filmed for a documentary titled “Brotherhood of Bags” that will air Thursday, Oct. 20, at 8:30 p.m. on the Lakeshore Public Television (WYIN) station.

Brotherhood of Bags” by producer/director Paul Nelson examines the history, culture and context of bags, America’s fastest growing recreational sport, as told by those who play the game, foster the sport and love the competition. Whether called bags, cornhole, bag/corn toss, or whatever, this sport has gained a loyal following throughout the Midwest and now across the country.

In his interview, Gems’ discussed the development of sport historically, how sports become mainstream, and the chances for bags to reach that status as a commercially viable activity.

The film can be seen on Lakeshore Public Television at channel 56.1, Comcast on channel 17 in Northwest Indiana and 21 in Illinois, Dish Network and Direct TV on channel 56, and RCN Chicago on channel 4.

In addition, Gems was interviewed in a Q&A online feature about the history of sport and current issues and future challenges in the Human Kinetics newsletter.

And, on Sept. 15, Gems gave a talk on his book, “The Chicago Sports Reader: 100 Years of Sports in the Windy City” at the Lisle Depot as part of the Lisle Museum Chicago author series. He presented and led discussion on sport and the assimilation of ethnic groups in Chicago.