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Fisher gives his assessment of French philosopher

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David Fisher, professor of philosophy
David Fisher, professor of philosophy

David Fisher, North Central College professor of philosophy, had a chapter titled “Ricoeur’s Atemwende: A Reading of ‘Interlude: Tragic Action’ in Oneself as Another” published in the book “From Ricoeur to Action: The Socio-Political Significance of Ricoeur’s Thinking,” edited by Todd S. Mei and David Lewin, published by Continuum Studies In Continental Philosophy, March 2012. The book engages with the thinking of the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005) in order to propose innovative responses to 21st century problems. Fisher’s chapter focuses on the way Ricoeur combines analysis of the importance of tragedy for philosophy with a personal dimension of loss; his son Oliver committed suicide at the time Ricoeur was revising the lectures that became the text of “Oneself as Another” for publication.

Fisher previously published the essay “Is Phronesis Deinon? Ricoeur on Tragedy and Phronesis” (in “Gadamer and Ricoeur: Critical Horizons for Contemporary Hermeneutics,” edited by Francis J. Mootz III and George H. Taylor, Continuum, 2011), and the chapter “Doing Justice to Justice: Paul Ricoeur” (in “On Philosophy in American Law,” editor Francis J. Mootz III, Cambridge University Press, 2009).

He comments that “Paul Ricoeur is interesting as a mediating thinker; one who tries to preserve and transform what is valuable in texts with which he disagrees.” Fisher is currently at work on Ricoeur as a reader of Augustine and on Ricoeur and Charles Taylor on “secularity.”

Named a Ruge Fellow in 2007, Fisher has been a member of North Central’s faculty since 1988. He received his B.A. from Carleton College, an M.A. from Columbia University-Union Theological Seminary and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University.