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D-Term Verandah courses offer experiential learning

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During 2011 D-Term, North Central College is offering a record number of Verandah course offerings for students. These experiential learning opportunities connect faculty and students in informal environments outside the classroom around topics of interest.

Students can choose from 17 Verandahs courses; 13 are open to all majors and all class years and four are open to first-year students only as part of their First-Year Experience. Registration is now open on Merlin, but space is limited.

“Verandahs offer a space for interaction about a subject or experience that interests a faculty member and students. They don’t rely on traditional classroom settings, but are based on small groups of faculty and students exploring a new environment or special activity,” says Fran Navakas, Svend and Elizabeth Bramsen Professor in the Humanities, professor of English, director of integrative programs and associate academic dean.

Class sizes are small and varied, averaging 10 to 12 students, and create opportunities to get to know others, to extend learning beyond the campus and to join fascinating conversations. They are offered for either 0 or 1 credit hours.

Here’s a list of the 13 Verandah courses open to all students:

•    VER EXP D1, “Exploring Christmas Traditions”: Dec. 1-15, Instructor Neil Nicholson, assistant professor of mathematics
•    VER EXP D2, “Creative Writing in Coffee Houses”: Nov. 28-Dec. 1, Instructor Patricia King, adjunct assistant professor of English
•    VER EXP D3, “Mathematics of Square Dancing”: Nov. 28-Dec. 9, Instructor David Schmitz, associate professor of mathematics
•    VER EXP D4, “Face to Face: Connecting Culture/Crossing Borders”: Nov. 28, Dec. 5-8, Instructors Sheryl Finkle, professor of education, and Jack Shindler, professor of English
•    VER EXP D5, ”Bringing Science to the Public: An Introduction to Science Demonstrations”: Nov. 28-Dec. 2, Instructor Paul Brandt, professor of chemistry
•    VER EXP D6, “Flash Playwriting: Writing and Performing the 10-Minute Play”: Nov. 29-Dec. 2, Instructor Zachary Jack, associate professor of English
•    VER EXP D7, “A Play a Day: Cold Readings of Contemporary Drama”: Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 5-8, Instructor Kelly Howe, assistant professor of theatre
•    VER EXP D8, “Politics in Action”: Nov. 28, 30, Dec. 2, Instructor Abigaile VanHorn, adjunct assistant professor of political science
•    VER EXP D9, “Community Advocacy and Change”: Dec. 6-9, Instructor Kristin Geraty Bonacci, assistant professor of sociology
•    VER EXP D10, “Theatre in Chicago”: Dec. 14-21, Instructor Carin Silkaitis, assistant professor of theatre
•    VER EXP D11, “The Romantic Dyad: Dating and Interpersonal Communication”: Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 6-8, Instructor Mara Berkland, associate professor of speech communication
•    VER EXP D12, “Contemporary Art in Chicago”: Nov. 29-30, Dec. 2-3, Instructor Hale Ekinci, assistant professor of art
•    VER EXP D17, “Chicago Modernism: A Trip Through the Archives”: Dec. 5-9, Instructor Matthias Regan, visiting assistant professor of English

The four “study away” Verandah experiences to New Orleans are open to first-year students only. They link to students’ required summer reading “Zeitoun” about the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. Each of the four Verandah experiences in New Orleans required pre-registration and explore aspects of the city:
•    VER EXP D13, “Building a City: The Texture of City Life,” Instructor Louis Corsino, professor of sociology
•    VER EXP D14, “Building a City: Literary New Orleans,” Instructor Jennifer Jackson, associate professor of English
•    VER EXP D15, “Building a City: An Environmental Challenge,” Instructor Kathleen King, visiting instructor of education
•    VER EXP D16, “Building a City: An Educational Transformation,” Instructor Maureen Kincaid, associate professor of education

Click here for descriptions and more information about all the Verandah experiences. Register on Merlin.