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Chicago Term includes new residential option fall term

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Living space inside a Tailor Loft Apartment in Chicago
Living space inside a Tailor Loft Apartment in Chicago

For the first time, in fall 2011 and spring 2012, North Central College students have the option to live in Chicago while they study as part of the Chicago Term academic program. Students who have a taste for Chicago and want to learn about and experience the nation’s third largest city firsthand, should consider signing up for a Chicago Term.

In spring 2011, North Central College will select eight students (four in fall term, four in spring term) to participate in the new, residential component. Students who are selected will share a four bedroom apartment in the Tailor Loft Apartments in the newly renovated, 10-story high-rise in the heart of the Greek Town area of Chicago. Occupied by students from a variety of other local colleges, the Tailor Lofts provide the latest amenities, including kitchens with granite countertops, large flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi and, of course, a great location to expand their knowledge of Chicago.

Costs per student for this Chicago Term residential component are roughly comparable to student housing on campus. Additional opportunities to earn academic credits that would constitute a full-time load would be worked out on a case-by-case basis, but would likely consist of either Chicago-based internships, independent or directed studies.

The nonresidential Chicago Term has been a popular academic program at North Central for several years. It offers courses that move outside the classroom and explore the riches of Chicago history, neighborhoods, cultural processes and arts. Students take the Metra train to Union Station, walk to the Chicago Temple classroom across from the Daley Plaza, and from there travel around the city on guided tours, class field trips or study projects.

Students in the residential and nonresidential 2011-2012 Chicago Term will take the following courses:
•    Chicago Field Study (SOC 494), FALL, Monday 2-5:50 p.m., Professor Lou Corsino
•    Urban and Suburban Studies (USS 300), FALL, Wednesday, 2-5:50 p.m., Professor Steve Macek
•    Topics in American History: Chicago (HST 115), SPRING, Monday, 2-5:50 p.m., Professor Ann Durkin Keating
•    Chicago Art and Architecture (ART 261), SPRING, Wednesday, 2-5:50 p.m., Professor Wendy Koenig    

The courses are scheduled in a jumbo format from 2 to 5:50 p.m. and satisfy a number of general education requirements.

If students are interested in enrolling in the Chicago Term or the Chicago Term courses and the residential component, they should first consult their academic advisor. Second, contact Professor Lou Corsino at who will explain the details of the program and discuss the available options. Because registration has already begun, please make these contacts as soon as possible.