North Central College - Naperville, IL

Chicago artists' group profiles art history major headed to grad school

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The Chicago Arts Archive profiles art history graduate Marcy Thomas '11, who is preparing to pursue a master of fine arts degree at Northern Illinois University.

Thomas was interviewed about her experience at North Central College, where she is one of the first graduates to receive a degree in art history.

"My self-proposed independent study focused on the relationship between art and craft, specifically the way in which craft materials became more commonly used by fine artists in the contemporary era," Thomas says in the profile. "I was mostly interested in the way that artists began using these materials to communicate specific ideas or to identify themselves."

Thomas talks about the strengths of North Central's program: small, specialized classes; study-abroad experiences; and the opportunity to merge the study of art and history in such courses as Chicago Art and Architecture.

"For me, it was a good fit because I like the flexibility that the program offered me, and I focus better in a small environment. Yet, I suppose if one prefers to hide in the back of a giant lecture hall then it probably is not the program for them."

The Chicago Arts Archive is a collaborative effort of artists and scholars to document the arts culture in the Chicago area. Thomas' profile is the fourth in the project's series The Young Historians, which explores the lives of recent art history graduates with ties to the Chicago area.