North Central College - Naperville, IL

Borla and Mouse featured in “Recording” magazine

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Jazz faculty members vocalist Janice Borla and drummer Jack Mouse were featured in a four-page article titled “A Basement Conversion: The Borla/Mouse Basement Studio” in the October 2010 issue of “Recording,” a magazine for the recording  musician. The article focuses on their home studio, which they designed, and includes comments from recording engineer John Larson on how the space was adapted for recording and mixing sessions. Here’s a preview from the article:

“Borla and Mouse have a variety of musical credits to their names, including recording numerous jazz CDs; they are founders of a vocal jazz camp, and both are pioneers in jazz education, currently on the faculty at North Central College in Naperville. As a husband-and-wife team they designed a basement to function as a place for writing, rehearsing and teaching and, as it turned out, it became the place where they recorded Janice’s highly acclaimed CD, ‘From Every Angle.’”