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Athletic Training's New Home

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Athletic training's new facilities.
Athletic training's new facilities.

The North Central College athletic training program is making the most of its recent move into a space it can truly call its own, having relocated to a 3,000-square foot facility in the Res/Rec Center.

The facility, a major expansion from the 700-square foot area in Merner Field House that the program previously inhabited, includes offices, classroom space and separate treatment, rehabilitation and taping areas. The facility in Merner Field House, as well as a satellite facility in Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium, are still in use primarily during athletic practices and competitions.

“We have more of the same equipment than we had before and a lot more space to make better use of it,” says head athletic trainer Bob Simon. “I think it makes us a lot more efficient. Instead of having two or three athletic trainers in the same space trying to take care of a limited number of athletes, we can now spread out and not only serve more athletes, but do more as well.”

North Central’s Director of Athletic Training Education Heidi Matthews says the addition of classroom space within the facility allows for much greater freedom in scheduling, better communication among staff members and more regular accessibility by students.

“We are now able to utilize space and equipment in our own area without having to reserve space somewhere else,” she points out. “And for the first time, all of the full-time staff can be in the same space. We can communicate face-to-face much more easily, and I think that has a huge impact on all facets of the program.

“The classroom gives the athletic training students a place to go to meet with preceptors or tutors. The equipment and program library are right there. I think if you were to ask the current athletic training students, they would all agree it’s a huge plus.”

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