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Pre-Occupational Therapy

Why choose pre-occupational therapy at North Central College?

Occupational therapists help people improve their ability to perform tasks in living and working environments. A master’s degree or higher in occupational therapy is typically required for entry into the field.

North Central College can provide you with the solid undergraduate foundation you’ll need to pursue studies in occupational therapy. You’ll study biologypsychology, and other areas. You’ll be pushed to develop excellent writing and communication skills that occupational therapists must have to work with patients.

You can also:

  • Gain valuable experience conducting research with faculty, independently or with other students.
  • Personally get to know professors who teach North Central’s small classes.
  • Pursue job shadowing and volunteer opportunities at numerous facilities near North Central’s Chicago-area campus, including Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton.
  • Work with North Central's dedicated pre-health advisor.
  • Network with alumni and peers through North Central’s student-run Pre-Health Organization.


National award brings prestigious recognition to North Central’s internationalization of campus over 20 years.
From left, Drs. Samuel Park, Kenneth Sanders, Raghu Pulluru
Athletic training students meet with local orthopaedic surgeons to discuss research studies and methods for diagnosing, treating patients.
North Central College has expanded its commitment to sustainability by investing more than $200,000 to replace old fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting.


Graduate Schools
Graduates have been accepted at:

  • University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
  • University of Indianapolis
  • Governors State University
  • A.T. Still University, Mesa, AZ

Graduates include:

  • Pediatric occupational therapist, The Pediatric Place, Naperville
  • Occupational therapist, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints, Racine, WI
  • Occupational therapist, Keiser Therapy, Aurora/Naperville
Pre-Occupational Therapy

John Ladeur knew he wanted to pursue a career in healthcare but wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do. After working as a certified nursing assistant and a phlebotomy lab assistant, John eventually found his fit in occupational therapy.

John, who transferred from a community college, chose to earn his bachelor’s degree at North Central rather than a bigger school. “I prefer small classes and seeing professors on a regular basis during office hours,” John says. “I love the campus. North Central also has a good reputation in the sciences, and everyone I’ve met along the way has been very personable.”

John also appreciates opportunities for volunteering at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in...

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Small class sizes have always appealed to Cendy. It’s the reason she transferred to North Central College, where she is preparing for a career in occupational therapy.

“I communicate a lot with my professors, who are willing to help and listen. I’m always comfortable approaching them with questions when I’m stuck on something, because they’re all really friendly,” she says.

Cendy wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to help others. She decided on occupational therapy after watching a therapist work with her mother following a serious operation.

“It was really fun watching the therapist help her regain her momentum,” she says.

To make her dream a reality, Cendy is taking...

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Liz transferred to North Central College for many reasons. The trimester system would make transitioning to graduate school easier and “the advising program is superior to many other schools. Receiving advice and guidance is crucial for students. Advisors here work hard to help you find internships and prepare for grad school.”

Liz worked closely with the College’s pre-professional health program coordinator and plans to attend graduate school for occupational therapy—an area that’s interested her since high school.

“I started researching the field when I visited older family friends in rehabilitation centers and saw the work they’d been doing with occupational therapists. I was intrigued and...

Occupational Therapy major

Emily dreams of working in a pediatric clinic. To reach this dream, she needs to be accepted into a master’s program in occupational therapy, which requires extensive experience and guidance. She found everything she wanted at North Central.

“I was impressed by all the opportunities available that prepared me for graduate school,” she says. “The professors, advisors and faculty were genuinely invested in my well-being.”

To gain vital experience in the field, Emily interned at Treehouse Pediatric Therapy, a clinic that provides physical, occupational, speech and nutrition therapy to children. Her time at the clinic reinforced her dream and opened new doors for her future.

“It reaffirmed my...