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Nuclear Medicine Technology

Why choose nuclear medicine technology at North Central College?

Nuclear medicine technologists help physicians diagnose and treat diseases by administering radiopharmaceuticals, then monitoring patients’ responses. We can help you thrive in this fascinating field. First, you’ll spend three years completing biologychemistry, physics, math and liberal arts courses at North Central, mastering the scientific principles of the field while learning to communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals and patients. In your fourth year after acceptance into the program you’ll complete a clinical internship at Northwestern Memorial School of Nuclear Medicine before graduating from North Central with a B.A. or B.S. in nuclear medicine technology—and with a clear advantage over your peers in the field.

You can also:

  • Pursue research and lab work under the individualized guidance of North Central’s full-time science faculty.
  • Gain clinical experience at a leading nuclear medicine school with the most advanced technological and diagnostic equipment available.


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Madison Cromwell ’17, Elaina Bartoli ’17
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  • Siemens Medical Solutions, Hoffman Estates, IL


Recent graduates in nuclear medicine technology include:

  • Nuclear medicine technologist, OSF St. Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, IL
  • Lead nuclear medicine technologist, Advanced Breast Imaging, Arlington Heights, IL
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Jeffrey Bjorklund oversees the nuclear medicine technology major at North Central. He prepares students for graduate studies and medical careers, giving them the personal attention that students at larger institutions lack. “At North Central, you can’t hide,” he says. “We ask questions that are specific to you, because we know you personally.”

Bjorklund has published his work in scholarly journals and enjoys teaching students how to conduct research and present their findings at conferences. “The student/faculty research relationship at North Central is collaborative,” he says. “Faculty don’t treat students as lab techs; our students make decisions for themselves. Their choices may not be ours, but...

Nuclear Medicine Technology major

Linnea Higgins chose North Central College because of its nuclear medicine technology program. She knew the school offered one of the best opportunities available in this dynamic field.

While at North Central, Linnea has received advice from the College’s pre-professional health program coordinator Marguerite Degenhardt about what courses she should take to help secure a position after she graduates.

“That has been very helpful,” Linnea says. “The courses I need to take changed, and I was informed of the change by the pre-health adviser. Also, she told me about the things that will make me stand out from the other people who apply to the program.”

Linnea has also volunteered at nearby...