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Computer Science

Why choose computer science at North Central College?

The field of computer science offers students many exciting and intellectually challenging career options. Graduates with a computer science degree from North Central College are in demand from employers familiar with the high quality of our program and our graduates. Not only are our graduates thoroughly grounded in both the theory and practice of the field, but they have the opportunity to take elective courses in a wide range of cutting-edge areas such as web design and development, networking, security, and the creation of mobile device applications.

You can also:

  • Engage in prestigious, paid internships, working side-by-side with professionals for a term, a year or more, while you complete your degree.
  • Study abroad for periods ranging from a few weeks to a year and still graduate in just four years.
  • Be a part of North Central’s Summer Undergraduate Research Colloquium and present your findings at local, regional or national undergraduate research conferences.


North Central College recognizes high-achieving students for academic and co-curricular excellence throughout their college careers on Honors Day.
North Central College’s reputation as a top national competitor in forensics and debate continues to thrive with top placements at state and national tourneys.
North Central gains momentum in growth, reputation, value.



  • Intern, Google, Kirkland, WA
  • Web designer, Websolutions, Inc., Aurora, IL
  • Security intern, Navistar, Warrenville, IL
  • Engineering and software QA, Informatica, Warrenville, IL
  • Co-op Software Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory, near Lemont, IL

Graduate Schools

Recent graduates in computer science have been accepted at:

  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Minnesota


Recent graduates in computer science include:

  • Software engineer, Google, New York, NY
  • Software engineer, Google, Mountain View, CA
  • Software engineer specialist, Argonne National Laboratory, near Lemont, IL
  • Software development manager, VisTracks, Lisle, IL
  • Senior product manager, Informatica, Warrenville IL
  • Software Automation Tester, Interactive Intelligence Inc., Indianapolis, IN
  • Web Developer, Seattle Sutton, Ottawa, IL
Computer Science and Physics double major

Even before his freshman year, Kyle knew he wanted to study computer science. But once he arrived and took other science courses, he added a second major in physics.

Kyle has conducted research about knot theory with a math professor and presented his findings at the College’s Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research.

“There are a lot opportunities at North Central. My time here has been fantastic, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people.” A commuter student, Kyle says the commuter activities “are great. I still feel extremely involved and not detached from what’s going on.”

Joining several other students, Kyle is looking to start a computer science club on campus. “We want to create...

Computer Science major

At first glance, Justin’s computer science major and his career ambition as a DJ may seem a bit disconnected.

That’s certainly not how he sees it.

“Most people think DJing is a very weird thing to go into (given my major),” he says. “But most computer science students have aspirations that aren’t directly related to computer science. We become some of the top programmers because of our hobbies.

“I love DJing and I love computer science, so I’ll eventually combine the two.”

Justin is happy to share his passion for programming with fellow students. He’s part of a new student group called No Ctrl, which—among other things—gives noncomputer science majors a chance to dabble in the field...

Computer Science

During his winter break, Brett created a Pokédex—an online database of information related to the popular Pokémon video games. His newfound tech skills allow him to explore his interests in exciting new ways.

“Technology is my calling,” he says. “North Central’s computer science program exposed me to many programming languages, allowing me to pursue personal projects and a future career.”

Brett participated in a summer internship with Thomson Reuters, a multinational media and information firm. Working with professional programmers, Brett explored the computer industry and built connections for his career.

Brett plans to pursue a master’s degree in computer science after graduation and...

Computer Science major

Kitt finds that studying computer science at North Central College means you get individualized attention from full-time faculty, small classes and the opportunity to compete at the national level. Her skills and drive earned Kitt a highly coveted, summer-long paid internship at Google in Kirkland, WA. CampusGrotto ranks Google as the No. 1 college internship in the nation thanks to its reputation for spoiling its interns. "I went kayaking, on a boat cruise, spent two days at an all-inclusive spa resort, went to a Mariners baseball game and went out to eat more times than I can count. The best part is that it wasn't just free, I got paid to do all of that.”   Interns also have an inside track at starting...

Computer Science major

Chris Foes not only earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science at North Central College—he went on to earn a master’s degree in computer science at North Central as well. The day after presenting the oral defense of his thesis to professors, he boarded a plane for Los Angeles where he landed a job writing software for Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc. (OKSI), a research and development company that specializes in imaging technology. “The great thing about North Central is being able to have a personal relationship with your professors,” Chris says. “They get to know you—your strengths and weaknesses.” A transfer student from Annawan, Ill., Chris ran track at North Central, where he...