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Classical Civilization

Why choose classical civilization at North Central College?

Ancient Greece and Rome come alive in this program. You’ll explore the literature, religion, philosophy, art and government of Greek and Roman civilizations from 1200 B.C. to 400 A.D. If you choose, you’ll experience these eras firsthand by learning Latin and studying ancient texts in their original language. Since the cultures profoundly affected Western society, you’ll also gain insight into today’s intellectual, cultural and social realities.

You can also:

  • Read works of ancient Romans in their original language.
  • Visit historic archeological sites and cultural centers in Italy and Greece.
  • Use your knowledge of the classical world to enhance your study of philosophy, art, history, theatre and other majors.
  • Intern at a local museum.
  • Qualify for induction to Phi Sigma Iota, for students who study the classics.


photo by Kara Kots '18
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  • Archives intern, North Central College
  • Application developer, Vistracks, Lisle, IL
  • Program intern, Navistar Inc., Downers Grove, IL


Recent graduates in classical civilization include:

  • Business
  • Publishing
  • Library science
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • Historians
  • Curators
Classical Civilization and History double major

Taylor chose North Central for a variety of reasons and found it the perfect place to study classic civilization and history. “Some of my favorite teachers in high school graduated from here. But the biggest reason is the size—I didn’t want 300-person lectures and never getting to know my professors. At North Central, the professors I had my first term still remember me.”

Taylor found that small classes in Latin provide the perfect learning experience and he’s also learning Greek by working individually with a professor. “Even in classes outside my major, the class size is always small enough that it doesn’t take away from the learning experience.”

A D-Term trip to Greece and Rome promises to be a...

Classical Civilization major

For Erica, studying Latin as part of her classical civilization major has been useful both in and out of the classroom. She can decode some Spanish and French now, since both languages evolved from Latin roots, and during her Semester at Sea she was “everyone’s translator, because I was the only one who could read the tombstones at the Roman baths.” In fact, she believes that her studies have led to her life’s work–translating Latin into English, Japanese and French. “Language is intimately tied to culture,” she says. “It reflects the way people think.” 

Classical Civilization major

When it comes to learning, Quinton prefers classes with a personal touch. That’s made studying classical civilization at North Central a truly satisfying experience.

“One of my favorite things is the open attitudes of the professors—they’re incredibly supportive both in and out of class,” he says. “Students receive specialized attention, which wouldn’t be possible with larger groups. Class is often very personal with a focus more on discussion than lecture.”

Quinton has always been fascinated by world cultures and customs. Thanks to a Critical Languages Scholarship from the U.S. State Department, he’s pursuing his interests while enrolled in a special intensive language program at Suzhou...

Classical Civilization and English double major

Naomi added classical civilization to her English writing major to prepare for a career in the publishing industry.

She says her most memorable college experience, she says, was traveling to Rome for a D-Term study abroad course. “I was able to experience the places I had been learning about, and it made the Latin language and ancient Roman culture come alive.”

Naomi was attracted to North Central because of its financial aid and proximity to public transportation. “Availability of financial aid and on-campus jobs were overwhelmingly helpful. And I wanted a place with easy access to public transit for visits home and access to a range of internship opportunities. North Central had these with small...