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Why choose biochemistry at North Central College?

In our investigative, interdisciplinary biochemistry program, you will gain a strong foundation in both biology and chemistry. You’ll prepare for a future in molecular life science, learn valuable techniques and use cutting-edge instruments as you explore how DNA and proteins interact to make up living cells. Original research with faculty mentors is a key component of the major; you'll present your work in our seminar series and may be able to share your findings at a national conference or in a publication. Our graduates go on to top-ranked graduate and medical schools and to jobs with industry-leading employers.

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U.S. News & World Report magazine ranks North Central College among America’s Best Colleges for 2015.
Alexis Gramera ’15 presents poster of her summer research
North Central College students gain independence, experience, know-how conducting research with faculty during the Summer Undergraduate Research Colloquium.
The Princeton Review has once again named North Central College a Best Midwestern College in its annual survey of the nation’s best colleges.


Graduate Schools

Recent graduates in biochemistry have been accepted at:

  • University of Colorado (Pharmacology)
  • University of Wisconsin (Microbiology)
  • DePaul University Law School
  • University of Illinois (Veterinary School)
  • University of Chicago (Chemistry)

Medical and Professional Schools

Recent graduates in biochemistry have attended:

  • Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine
  • Michigan State University Medical School
  • Rush University Medical School
  • University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine
  • University of York


  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Boston Scientific
  • Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals
  • New Trier High School
  • Northwestern University
  • Pierce Chemical Co.
  • Sigma-Aldrich
Biochemistry major

Becky chose to begin her journey to medical school and career quest as a pediatrician at North Central College. Pursuing a major in biochemistry is a good foundation and combines her dual interests in biology and chemistry.

“North Central’s science curriculum is known for its rigor. Labs can be challenging and time-consuming but very rewarding. You’re getting real lab experience here.”

She gained additional research experience through her minor in psychology, where she studied the effects of caffeine on introversion and extroversion with a psychology professor. Becky presented the study at the College’s Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research.

Becky has gained administrative experience as...

Biochemistry major

A biochemistry major, Mary never feels isolated when she encounters a new challenge.

“One of the great things about North Central College is that students get to know each other really quickly. The science center feels like one big family, which is great because you always have peers around to study with and learn from,” she says. “As a biochemistry major, you don’t want to do all your schoolwork alone.”

There’s also another group Mary can always count on—her professors.

“Their doors are always open and they’re always willing to help, regardless of their office hours. Honestly, I’ve never bothered to learn office hours because I’ve always been able to just stop by when I have a question....

Biochemistry major, Bioinformatics minor

“I love working in the lab and being around people who eat, breathe and sleep science,” says Grace Muganda. “It’s a great big family inside the Science Center—a real community. It’s marvelous to talk about your work with the faculty and other students. You can talk to the professors about anything, anytime. I can go to them with questions about life, worries about graduate school—anything. They really care about us.

“You can get a great education here. I completed an internship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison last summer, and I was the only intern in the group who had written a lab report fit for publication. I’m confident I can go anywhere and do anything I want to do.”

In fact, she’s well...