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Financial Aid Resources

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Federal Compliance:

General Institution Compliance Page

Filing for Financial Aid:

After You've Been Awarded:

Traditional Payment Plan:
Payment of direct costs (less any financial aid credited) is due at the beginning of each term, three times per year.

Monthly Payment Plan (NBS):
Students can sign up for a monthly payment plan for a fee.  Payment of direct costs (less any financial aid credited) will be divided into monthly payments.  For more information, visit our NBS website.

Special Programs:

Please note: A variety of programs or circumstances may have an effect on your financial aid eligibility. If you participate in a study abroad program, receive veteran’s benefits or participate in a tuition exchange/remission program, you are generally eligible for aid; however, the types and amounts will vary.  Please schedule an appointment with a counselor in our office.

  • Study  Abroad

If you enroll in a study abroad program either administered by North Central College or by another institution, you may still be eligible to receive financial assistance. The type of financial assistance available is determined by the type of program in which you enroll. Please make an appointment to meet with a financial aid counselor if you have questions regarding your eligibility.

  • Veteran’s Benefits

If you’re a veteran, you’re entitled to use your chapter benefits in accordance with the rules of the Veterans Benefits Administration. You’ll need to complete and submit to us appropriate documents in order to establish your eligibility. For further information, contact the Registrar's Office.

  • Tuition Remission/Exchange

If you’re either employed by North Central College or a dependent of a North Central employee, the Office of Human Resources provides information about tuition benefits including the tuition exchange programs. 

For undergraduate students, we participate in the Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP) and The Tuition Exchange (TE) program. We’ll consider your application for these programs after you have completed the admission process. For further information, please refer to these Web sites or contact our office.

Scholarships Resources:

State Agency Resources: Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)

Income Tax Credits Resources: Internal Revenue Service

Financial Aid Code of Conduct was established to provide standards of ethical conduct for all Financial Aid Office employees and to guide them in their dealings with colleagues, students, the College and the community.