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The mission of North Central College is to prepare informed, involved, principled and productive citizens and leaders.  We understand that there are many financial aid myths, especially regarding the affordability of small, private colleges like North Central College.  In support of our mission, we invite you to use our Net Price Calculator to inform you about just how affordable a school like North Central College can be.

North Central College is committed to working individually with students and families as they explore the financial aid process.  North Central values a personalized educational experience and the Office of Financial Aid demonstrates this as it looks at each student on the basis of academic strength, individual talents and family financial need.  You are central in the financial aid process.

This calculator is intended for first-time undergraduate domestic students only.
This form is not intended for transfer students.

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Clearing up some Financial Aid Myths 

Myth: North Central College is not affordable because it's a private institution.
Fact:  North Central works hard to make it affordable for our students.  In 2015-16, we awarded over $35,000,000 in scholarships and grants to assist families with the cost of education.  In many cases, the amount of scholarship and grant assistance awarded to students makes our costs competitive with Illinois 4-year public institutions.

Myth: If you're not in the top 10% of your H.S. graduating class, you shouldn't expect to receive academic scholarships.
Fact:  North Central doesn't use class rank to determine academic scholarships.  We use a combination of core high school course work as well as ACT/SAT scores to determine our scholarships.  Yearly amounts range from $8,000 to $21,000.  In addition, talent scholarships are available to students interested in art, music, theatre, forensics, mock trial, and writing.  We provide a list of our scholarships for Freshmen.  Most scholarships are awarded at the time you're accepted for admission.

Myth:  If I don't receive a academic scholarship, I will need to pay 100% of the cost.
Fact:  North Central complements its academic based scholarship program with a need-based grant program.  If you demonstrate financial need (must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid), you could qualify for North Central Grant funds.  Completing this calculator will give you an idea of your eligibility for both merit and need-based assistance.