North Central College - Naperville, IL

Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate students (full time)

$ Per term

$ Total year

2015-16 Academic Year    
Tuition (8 to 12 credit hours) 11,747 35,241
Freshman orientation fee 250 fall term 250
Transfer orientation fee 150 applied to start term 150
Student activity fee 60 180
Est. room and board (resident, double room) 3,515 10,545
Total 15,322 plus applicable fees 45,966 plus applicable fees

All full-time undergraduate students should plan for book expenses of approximately $1200/year.
Commuting students should plan for additional expenses including off campus housing ($1530 for those living with parents and $8565 for those living on their own), transportation costs of approximately $1470/year and personal expenses of approximately $1182 for those living with parents and $4791/year for living in apartment. etc.

Graduate students (full time)

$ Per Hour

$ Course (3 hours)*

2015-16 Academic Year    
MA Liberal Studies/Leadership tuition 740 2,220
MBA tuition 825 2,475

MS Web and Internet Applications/
Management Information Systems tuition

740 2,220
MA Education tuition 554 1,662

* 3 credit hours/term is considered half-time for graduate students; 6 credit hours/term is considered full-time for graduate students.

Although the Office of Financial Aid will help eligible students with a portion of the costs, you may have a remaining balance not covered by institutional, state or federal aid. Some options for covering the remaining balance include the monthly payment plan, parent PLUS loans (for dependent students) or private student loans.

Your financial aid package is based on the current institutional charges, as well as other expenses you may have while enrolled. These figures differ depending upon whether you are an undergraduate, graduate or continuing education student as well as your housing arrangement.  For specific fees related to your course of study, please refer to the following tuition and fees page.