North Central College - Naperville, IL

Billing Information

Tuition and General Fees

For billing purposes there are several categories into which students are placed:

  • Full-time traditional students are those registered for 8 to 12 credit hours for the term. A fixed tuition rate is charged to full-time students.
  • Part-time students are those registered for less than 8 credit hours for the term. These students are charged per credit hour at the degree rate
  • Overload credit hours (more than 12 credit hours) are charged at the overload credit hour rate.
  • Graduate students are those enrolled in the Graduate program. These students are charged per credit hour at the graduate student rate.

Room Charges

Students living in College operated residence halls or houses are considered resident students. All resident students are billed each term for housing. There is an additional charge for students living in rooms without a roommate.

Board Charges

All resident students living in College residence halls or houses are required to participate in a meal plan. There are several options available: 190 meals, 130 meals or 70 meals per term at Kaufman Dining Hall. All meal plans also include “Bonus Bucks” for use at The Cage and The Boilerhouse Cafe. The cost of all plans is the same.

Room Deposits

A room damage deposit is required of all resident students. The deposit should be made: a) within 30 days of acceptance by the College or b) prior to the room assignment process.

Miscellaneous Charges

Student activity fee is assessed to ALL full time students by the Student Association..

Lab fees are assessed for courses that require special equipment and/or supplies.

Course fees are assessed for private lessons such as Music lessons.

Late payment fee is assessed to all unpaid account balances on the 8th calendar day of the term.


Estimated charges are billed three to four weeks in advance of each term based on the student’s schedule as reported by the Registrar; the room and board charges as reported by Residence Life; and estimated financial aid as reported by the Financial Aid Office. Payment is due by the published payment due date as indicated on the Online Statement.

North Central College accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  Effective 9/1/2013 a 2.5% non-refundable service fee will be assessed by Official Payments to every credit/debit card payment.  Payment by webcheck is available only on Merlin.