North Central College - Naperville, IL

Whitney Goodbred


Whitney Goodbred’s dream job is to be a part of a national news program like the “Today Show” or “Dateline NBC.” Whitney chose to major in broadcast communication because she has always been fascinated by the news and the stories reporters tell about people.“The thing I like most about studying communications is learning how to tell the stories that interest the community,” says Whitney. “I think people are fascinating and I love learning how to tell their stories.”

At WONC-FM 89.1, Whitney has gained experience as station manager and news director. She oversees the various departments so she can keep the station running efficiently. She also works on cultivating student talent and helps others improve their craft. Whitney is also involved with Cardinal cheerleading and student-athlete mentors, and is a reporter for NCTV-17, Naperville’s local community channel.

“I love all of the things I am involved in. North Central allows you to balance your interests and get involved with everything,” she says.