North Central College - Naperville, IL

Nicole LeDonne

Model UN

Nicole’s involvement with Model United Nations (UN) grew out of her study abroad experience. Her new-found interest in international politics and cultures led her to complete coursework in Model UN and its simulations.

“Model UN challenged me to be a global citizen, to think about global issues from a different country’s viewpoint. That required reading and learning about the cultures, history and political systems of countries very different than my own.”

When North Central was assigned to represent Afghanistan for one UN simulation, Nicole and her class partner focused on human rights and trafficking. “We studied these issues from that country’s experience and its position in the global system. We also looked at how those issues impact the wider world, not just one country.”

Model UN is valuable for everyone, says Nicole. It challenges you “to think on your own, find solutions to problems … find ways to get your message across, simply and effectively, and relate it to others who may be very different than you.”