North Central College - Naperville, IL

Mironda Heston

Class Year: 

Wall of Witness Award Winner 2009

Mironda Heston ’02 is honored for her deep devotion to human service and commitment to social justice during a remarkable but all too brief life of 24 years. Her values and beliefs embodied the purest form of humanitarianism. While majoring in political science and theology at North Central, Mironda completed an eight-month independent study in Haiti, an experience that led her to seek a master’s degree in sustainable international development at Brandeis University. Called to continue her life’s work in Haiti, Mironda returned in 2004 to help rural workers write grants that would ultimately fund a much-needed medical clinic. Tragically, she developed dengue fever, and after medical evacuation to Chicago, died September 21, 2004. A measure of the impact of her life and work is that the people she served in Haiti named their clinic the Mironda Heston Medical Clinic in her honor.

At North Central College, Mironda’s legacy lives on through the Mironda K. Heston Scholarship for Public Service. Every year, one student is awarded a stipend for the implementation of a short-term project to benefit the needs of people either in the United States or abroad. The goal is to encourage other students to embrace the rewards of service and, in doing so, consider a lifelong vocation in humanitarianism.