North Central College - Naperville, IL

Marcella Wirtz

Chicago Term

Marcella Wirtz used the Chicago Term to gain experience while integrating her psychology and sociology majors. An aspiring child psychologist, she interned for the Christopher House, an organization that assists at-risk children by focusing their child growth, development and education.

“Working at the Christopher House gives me experiences that are not possible in Naperville,” she says. “I learn about the poverty and disadvantages many children in Chicago face on a daily basis, the mental health and educational issues that result from their environment and how psychological theories play a part in building after-school programs.”

Marcella says that she knew Chicago Term would be a great fit for her as soon as she heard about it at Summer Orientation. “I love Chicago and the opportunities it provides,” she says. “Every day is an adventure here. I love being in the middle of the city and taking the train, being in classes that I would not be able to take in Naperville and actually having the chance to live life as a resident of Chicago.”