North Central College - Naperville, IL

Harold M. Riebel

Class Year: 

Outstanding Alumni Award Winner 1971

A Life Trustee since 1980, Harold Riebel has served the College faithfully since 1964 when he was elected director on the Alumni Board. In 1967, he became a trustee director to represent the Alumni Board on the North Central College Board of Trustees. Riebel was vice-president of Globe Building Materials Company in Aurora, Ill. Before joining Globe, he was associated with Western Electric. Following his graduation from North Central with majors in mathematics and physics, he completed his graduate work at the University of Minnesota and University of Chicago in air corps meteorology and received his M.B.A. from Northwestern University in 1962. Riebel served on the board of trustees of the Evangelical Theological Seminary as a member of the executive, business concerns, and investment committees. He was a trustee of the former First E.U.B. Church in Naperville, now Community United Methodist Church.