North Central College - Naperville, IL

Writing Fictions

Writing Fictions is an innovative workshop course that offers advanced practice in the creation of saleable literary fictions and meta-fictions. Via a variety of eclectic workshops, students learn to transform and draft core story ideas into writer-selected, market-ready subgenres such as genre fiction, autobiographical novels, novellas, parables, fables, allegories and other experimental and/or cross-genre fictions.

This course provides an understanding of the basic techniques of fiction writing in many forms, an ability to analyze the potential specific fictions in relationship to form and markets, and knowledge of the relationship between personal expression and markets for that expression. This course covers form and meaning, character, persona and plot, dialogue and narration, setting, editing fictions and markets for fictions.

Coursework may include weekly writings and serving as constructive and encouraging critics of peers’ work. For a final project, students may have to submit, as they might in a professional setting, two complete chapters and a full proposal for publication.