North Central College - Naperville, IL

What a day for a daydream.

What a day for a daydream.

Every day you sit in class, your only escape coming by entering the deep recesses of your mind, where you live a perfect life. You’re snapped back to reality when either the bell rings, or a teacher has sniped you out with one of the easiest recall questions you will
ever be asked.

This happens to all of us at least once. I know, I have experienced it—from both sides of the desk. In high school, I would occasionally take my “mental vacation” by picturing myself as a teacher. I could always see myself in front of a large group of students, engaging them in my passions—history and education.

 At North Central College, I have received some of the best training in history and education. Now, my daydream has turned into a reality.

An eternal student, I continue to learn. But now, as a student teacher, I put theory to practice every day. I know every time I step in front of the class, I am well prepared and equipped with knowledge to face any challenge that comes my way. One challenge is to try to keep my students from taking their own mental vacations, and I make every effort to make my passion come alive for them so they can feel what I feel about history, if only for a moment!

This is just the start of a life story that has its roots at North Central College. On the following pages, you will read other stories of people who are finding their passions and turning them into a lifestyle. Now it’s your turn. Like all of those before you in this Cardinal family, take your own mental vacation and turn it into a reality.

Nick Guido ’09
history/secondary education