North Central College - Naperville, IL

A triple play two ways

A triple play two ways

Was there something special about Rall Hall’s second floor back in the fall of 2005? Maybe they didn’t know it at the time, but for first-year students Mandy Kilinskis, Rachel Hamsmith and Alyssa Vincent, their paths were destined to cross and have more meaning than just being great friends and floormates. Their love of the written word would eventually lead all three to become editors of the three major campus publications: The Kindling, The Chronicle and the North Central Review.

Four years later, they now form an editing powerhouse as they write, edit, cajole, design, proofread and stress over their deadlines. And as friends do, they back each other up whenever the need arises. “You might say there’s a bit of cross-pollination among the publications,” says Alyssa. “And there’s a bit of a rivalry between us as well.”

All three are majoring in English and enjoy the fact that North Central College provides a publication for each of their unique personalities and interests. Mandy just loves the irreverent humor of The Kindling, Rachel enjoys sorting through the many literary submissions for the North Central Review, and Alyssa found journalism best suited her talents while writing entertainment stories for the weekly Chronicle.

Now as seniors and in leadership positions, they’re training younger students to take over their editorial roles, their final contributions to the publishing world at North Central College.