North Central College - Naperville, IL

Thomas D. Cavenagh, J.D.

Thomas D. Cavenagh, J.D., is Schneller Sisters Professor of Leadership, Ethics & Values and Professor of Law and Conflict Resolution. He directs the Leadership, Ethics & Values Program and is the founder of and directs the Dispute Resolution Center. He is the author of “Business Dispute Resolution: Best Practices, System Design and Case Management” and the coauthor of “Alternative Dispute Resolution for Business”and “CyberJustice: A Guide to Online Dispute Resolution for E-Commerce”. He has chaired the Illinois State Bar Association Section Council on Alternative Dispute Resolution and been widely published in a variety of professional journals including Mediation Quarterly. He is the recipient of the North Central College Dissinger Prize for Faculty Scholarship and the Dissinger Award for Teacher of the Year. Cavenagh teaches conflict resolution, business law and civil rights courses at North Central and has served as the faculty advisor for several master’s projects in the Leadership Studies Master’s Degree M.L.D. program.