North Central College - Naperville, IL

Summer Institute Program


New American Colleges and Universities Summer Institute 2011
North Central College, Naperville, Illinois
June 22-24, 2011

15th Anniversary Institute ThemeThe New American Colleges and Universities: From Founding Conversations to 21st Century Best Practices.” 

Goals and Objectives for Summer Institute 2011

  • To share best practices at NAC&U member institutions. 
  • To provide an opportunity for faculty and staff development in specific areas and across campus roles. 
  • To enhance institutional perspective by considering how individual and institutional performance/practice intersects with the NAC&U mission.
  • To offer a memorable conference exploration of issues in higher education in the 21st century with a special focus on their relevance and resolution at NAC&U-type institutions.

 Conference Themes:

  •  What programs or practices best reflect innovative and integrative approaches to student learning and student development within our NAC&U institutions?
  • In a world in which value-added education and professional practice are prized, how do NAC&U campuses contribute to effective assessment of widely recognized outcomes? 
  • How do our institutions take advantage of the scale, location, blend of liberal arts and pre-professional programs, or other distinctive features of our campuses to further student learning and institutional mission? What programs or practices offer a bridge to our surrounding communities (local and global)?
  • In what ways do NAC&U institutions model a distinctive approach to institutional decision-making?  What best practices of shared governance and/or approaches to planning for innovation have proven to be effective or have promise?  Who are the players?  What are the structures?  Where do good ideas come to fruition?
  • In imagining the next ten years of the higher education landscape, with its changed economic circumstances, increasingly global reach, and transformed social media contexts, what “big ideas” are possible?  What are the big ideas?  What would it take to bring them to fruition?  

Pre-Institute Activities for NAC&U Leadership:

Tuesday, June 21 

11:00 AM – 10PM
Wentz Lobby

Registration: Drop-off /Arrival at North Central College campus:  register, pick up Institute packets, parking passes, and room keys. 

12:30PM – 4PM
White Activities Center, Fireside Lounge, 2nd floor

Meeting of Teagle Planning Grant Recipients – includes lunch 

Old Main, Smith Hall, 2nd floor 

Council of Institutional Representatives Meeting 

 A.A. Smith House

NAC&U Presidents and Spouses’ Dinner 


Institutional Representatives’ Dinner 

A.A. Smith House

Dessert and Event for Presidents, Spouses, Institutional Representatives 

Wednesday, June 22 


8:00-6:00 pm
Wentz Lobby

Registration: Drop-off /Arrival at North Central College campus:  register, pick up Institute packets, parking passes, and room keys.  This location will serve as “information central for the Institute.”

Home of Benna and Hal Wilde

Presidents’ Spouses Breakfast and Day in Chicago 

Old Main, 2nd floor
Smith Hall

Joint Meeting of the Board of Directors and the Council of Institutional Representatives (includes breakfast) 

Trolley Departs from Old Main

Tour of the North Central College Campus for the Board of Directors 

Old Main, 2nd floor
Smith Hall

Board of Directors Meeting (includes lunch) 

Pre-Institute Workshops and Tours 

9:00AM – 11AM:

Light breakfast served at all workshops

Workshop 1:
WAC, Banquet Hall, 2nd floor 

Developing and Sustaining Interdisciplinary Programs
Join this interactive workshop to explore recent research on interdisciplinary programs, including a survey of NAC&U institutions on organizational practices and administration of interdisciplinary programs, and literature drawn from the Association of Integrative Studies, the AAC&U, and Julie Thompson Klein’s recent book, Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Cultures: A Model for Strength and Sustainability.  We’ll examine case studies that illustrate today’s challenges, tackle topics of greatest interest to the group, and provide resources for further study.

Co-Conveners: Marcia McDonald, Belmont University & Fran Navakas, North Central CollegeCase Study 1: University Level Org Structures,
Case Study 2: General Education
Case Study 3: A Faculty Journey
Case Study 4: The Sequel

Workshop 2:
WAC, Dining Room, 2nd floor 

Department Chair Leadership Development: Chairing Departments in Institutions with an NAC&U Mission
Join this hands-on chairs workshop to examine the results of NAC&U participant surveys regarding the roles and responsibilities of chairs and for a cross-institutional consideration of the potential and challenges of academic leadership at the chair level.  Whether you are new to the role of chairperson or a chair of many years, bring your insights, campus contexts, and chair aspirations to the session.
Conveners:   Nancy Biggio, Samford University
Bruce Callen, Drury University
Joseph Dreisbach, University of Scranton
Mary Lo Re, Wagner College 

Workshop 3
WAC, Fireside Lounge, 2nd floor 

Forum on First-Year Programs: Integration Across the Campus
Please join this Forum on the First-Year from admission through orientation, advising, first-year seminars and learning communities, support services, career development, service learning, study away. This forum will explore how New American Colleges and Universities bring together multiple programs and services to enhance the first year experience of all students. Share your best ideas, programs, and results! 
Conveners:   Louis Corsino, Director FYE and Professor of Sociology
Kimberly Sluis, Dean of Students
Amy Clarke Sievers, Dir., Student Involvement and Associate Director of FYE, North Central College 


Campus Trolley Tours (meet at White Activities Center) 



NAC&U Summer Institute Schedule


Wentz Concert Hall   


Welcome: Devadoss Pandian, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, North Central College

Lynette Robinson, Executive Director, NAC&U
Fran Navakas, North Central College

15th Anniversary Presidents Plenary
Introduction to Plenary:  Linda Hanson, President, Hamline University; Chair, NAC&U Board of Directors

Panelists: Richard Guarasci, President, Wagner College
Mark Heckler, President, Valparaiso University
Harold R. Wilde, President, North Central College

NAC&U Strategic Priorities Presentation

Wentz, Rooms 114, 138 

Roundtables by Institution and Reassemble
Moderators will facilitate a discussion of themes arising from the plenary and from the announcement of the NAC&U’s recently endorsed Strategic Plan.

Wentz, Rm. 114, Lobby outside of 114

Review of Roundtable Outcomes and Break 


Concurrent Sessions I* 

Varied locations in the Benedetti Wehrli Stadium


I-A.     Joe Dreisbach, Hal Baillie, University of Scranton: “Faculty Development during a Time of Extraordinary Faculty Recruiting Activity” (3, 4, 5) STAD 229

I-B.      Scannell, Jim. Scannell & Kurz, Incorporated.  “Keeping It Real—The Role of Work Experiences in Undergraduate Education” (1, 3, 4) STAD 220

I-C.      Pamela Katz, J.D., The Sage Colleges, “Public Policy, Advocacy, and Civic Engagement (PACE):     Making a Difference One Step at a Time”; Thomas Cavenagh, J.D., “Engaged Citizenship:  Pivotal Initiatives within the Leadership Ethics, and Values (LEV) Program,” North Central College (1, 5) STAD 223        

I-D.     Michael Hudson, Abby Hahne, Sundee Wislow, Jeffrey Anstine, North Central College:  “Sustainability Opportunities and Challenges in the NAC&U Context:  A Case Study” (3, 4, 5) STAD 129

I-E.      Jan Lewis, Jeff Krengel, Callista Brown, Pacific Lutheran University: “An Integrated Approach for Supporting Student Success and Retention of First-Year Students” (1) STAD 132

Meiley-Swallow Theatre  

Featured Forum:  “Re-Imagining Learning in the 21st Century: The Partnership between Foundations and Higher Education”

This session, from the insider vantage point of the Chief of Staff for the president of the 5.6 billion dollar MacArthur Foundation, will provide a perspective on the work of a great foundation and how it sees the world New American Colleges and Universities are shaping--and need to forge--for 21st century students.
Featured Speaker:  Sean Paul Knierim, John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Wentz Lobby 

Welcome Reception hosted by President Harold R. Wilde 

Wentz, Madden Theatre 

Dinner and Welcome
Harold R. Wilde, President, North Central College
NAC&U Features of North Central College
Lynette Robinson, NAC&U


Social Hour: Check out local gathering spots in adjacent downtown Naperville.


Wentz Lobby 

Registration: Drop-off /Arrival at North Central College campus:  register, pick up Institute packets, parking passes, and room keys. 

Wentz, Madden Theatre             

Breakfast Buffet 

Schoenherr Art Gallery Adjacent to Wentz Lobby

Presidents’ Breakfast with Honorees 

Wentz Concert Hall 

Keynote Address:  “The Role of College in Students’ Spiritual Development” - Ernest L. Boyer Award Recipients Alexander and Helen Astin, University of California, Los Angeles
Introduction:  Hal Wilde

The Astins will discuss the implications of findings from their groundbreaking national study of students’ spiritual development as reported in their newest book, Cultivating the Spirit:  How College Can Enhance Students’ Inner Lives.

Wentz, Rooms 114,138 

Cross-Institutional Roundtables (for room assignment, see reverse side of name tag)

Moderators will facilitate discussion of the Keynote Address, including the implications of the Astins’ research findings for academic and student development,  (2) strategic consideration of the contributions of NAC&U institutions to the future of higher education, and (3) exploration of community in the 21st century.




Concurrent Sessions II* 

Varied Locations in Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium


II-A.    Connell Frazer, The Sage Colleges:  “Preparing the Academy for the Digital Future: A Model for Faculty Development” (1, 3, 5) STAD 223 Supporting Documents: Online Resources, A Model for Successful Faculty Dev., Faculty Technology Competencies, Sage Online Criteria for Evaluating Hybrid and Online Courses

II-B.    Rod Goodyear, University of Redlands:  “Institution Type as a Moderator of Role Expectations and Personal Style of Deans:  A Comparison of Deans at NAC&U-Related, Research Extensive, and Public Comprehensive Universities” (3, 4) STAD 237

II-C.    Hal Baillie, University of Scranton, “Bridging the Gap between Community and Academics: The Leahy Center at the University of Scranton”; Cynthia (Cindy) Rutz, Bradley Dupay, Dena Hein, Allison Schuette, Elizabeth Wuerffel, Valparaiso University:  “Course Credit for Service Learning and Civic Engagement: How Valpo Does It” (1, 5) STAD  132

II-D.    Laura Behling and Jennifer Buckley, Butler University, “Centering and Cycling: An Assessment Plan for a New Core Curriculum”: Moderator, Regina Waters, Drury University (1, 2) STAD  229

II-E.    Joel Bauman, Westminster College; Angelo Araimo, Wagner College; Karl Stumo, Pacific Lutheran University:  “Collaboration, Co-dependency and Conflict Management:  How Enrollment Managers Work”;   Annie Mitchell, Jimmy Davis, David Mee, Belmont University: “Coordinated Chaos:  Institutional Marketing in a Decentralized System  (3, 4)  STAD 129

Wentz, Madden Theatre

Welcome and Introduction to NAC&U Networking through Affinity Groups--Charles Taylor, VPAA, Drury University; Chair, Council of Institutional Representatives

Varied locations

Affinity Group Meetings – consult list of affinity group locations and topics in program folder

This year’s Institute features 3 variations on Affinity Groups:         
(1)   continuing Affinity Group meetings for some campus roles,
(2)   Affinity Groups featured in the Call for Participants, and 
(3)   Affinity Groups designed to identify topics of mutual interest to subsets of participants within or across campus roles. 

We encourage groups and their facilitators to draw upon this opportunity to network, identify questions or issues that might extend beyond the Institute, or in other ways find common ground that can productively contribute to future NAC&U initiatives or Institute planning.

3:30PM-10:00PM Departs from Wentz    

Chicago Excursion – One-of-a-kind private tour and opportunity to socialize with NAC&U colleagues in the heart of Chicago’s downtown and lakeshore attractions.  We’ll conclude with a dinner at the noted Gage Restaurant.  Registration required.


Meiley-Swallow Hall

Check-out and optional luggage drop-off/assistance.

White Activities Center, Fireside, 2nd floor

Breakfast Buffet

8:30AM -9:30AM
Varied locations in White Activities Center and Old Main


Concurrent Sessions III*

III-A.  Jimmy Davis, Becky Spurlock, Mary Vaughn, Annette Sisson, Belmont University:  “The Sophomore Year Experience OR How to Stay the Slump” (1) WAC Dining Room, 2nd floor

III-B.  Steven Hynds, Drury University:  “Best Practices in Creating Dynamic Online Learning Programs”;  Moderator: Stephen Renk, North Central College (1, 3) OM 521 Supporting Material: APLU Online Strategic Asset, DOE Final Report, NSSE2008 Results

III-C.  David M. (Mike) Owens and Kraig Olejniczak, Valparaiso University, “Wrestling with Workload: Valpo’s Faculty Workload Task Force”; Lisa Long, North Central College, “Exploring the Dynamics of Shared Governance” (3, 4) WAC Banquet Hall, 2nd floor Supporting Material: Wrestling with Workload Chart

III-D.  Daniel Haggerty, University of Scranton:  “The Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program:  An Alternative Way of Fulfilling General Education Requirements” (1) WAC 12

Meiley-Swallow Theatre

Keynote Presentation:  “Transformation Education: Deep Learning for a Digital Age” 
W. Gardner Campbell, Director of Professional Development and Innovative Initiatives, Virginia Tech University
Introduction:  Terry Weiner, Provost, The Sage Colleges

This session will address how higher education might more successfully answer the opportunities presented by a digital age.  Drawing upon research and direct observation of a variety of educational settings, the presentation will explore three premises:

  • That deep learning results in transformation because it awakens and rewards interest, and causes large and significant changes in cognition and perception.
  • That networked, interactive computing is the best technology yet invented for sharing the richness of human cognition, which means it is a uniquely powerful way of representing, communicating, and stimulating deep learning.
  • That seeing in 3D, both literally and metaphorically, is the fundamental goal of all education, particularly higher education, and it is a very difficult thing to teach or practice.

Closing Session
eiley-Swallow Theatre

Wrap Up:  Looking Forward
Lynette Robinson, Facilitator
Cid Seidelman, Provost, Westminister College

Meiley-Swallow Gallery

Box Lunch, Checkout, and Departure – Safe Travels!


** Guide to Thematic Tracks of Concurrent Sessions:  Best Practices and Big Ideas – From Current Practice to Changing the Higher Education Landscape in the Next Ten Years

Theme #1:       Signature Integrative Approaches to Student Learning and Student Development

Theme #2:       Assessment within the NAC&U Context

Theme #3:       Valued-Added Approaches to Professional Practice within the NAC&U Framework

Theme #4:       NAC&U Best Practices:  Organizational Decision-Making

Theme #5:       Aspiring to the “Big” Ideas - A Starting Point


NAC&U and North Central College Summer Institute Planning and Implementation Committee:  Many thanks to the dozens and dozens of individuals who contributed to the planning of the 2011 Summer Institute! Together they have modeled the NAC&U’s best practices of integration, collaboration, reflection, and solution-oriented problem solving across campus roles and institutions.  They include NAC&U leadership:  Lynette Robinson, Michele Apuzzio, Mark Mitchell, and Jo Nandi; the 2011 Summer Institute Planning Committee—Charles Taylor,  Cid Seidelman, Hal Baillie, and Jaimie Comstock; Bruce Callen, Jimmy Davis, Gary Daynes, Jan Lewis, Joe Dreisbach, Patricia Tooker, Kevin Stoner, and Hanna Bashar;  the executive leadership of North Central College, President Hal Wilde and VPs Devadoss Pandian, Laurie Hamen, Rick Spencer, and Paul Loschieder, and the local Summer Institute Planning Committee, all individuals who took time out of their intense schedules to generously give of their time and best thinking:  Beth Laken, Mike Hudson ,Barbara Knuckles, John Holmberg, Mary Reynolds, Jim Godo, Valla Aguilar, Kathleen Doyle, Mike Squire, Renee Miklosik, Peggy Wiora, Kathy Wilders, Tom Gill, Mike Kelly, Debbie Burnett, and  Katie Eaton, of the Office of Academic Affairs, who played an indispensable role in bringing the Institute to fruition.  There are many other administrators, staff, faculty, and students whose participation will be warmly acknowledged over the course of the Institute.  Thank you!  Fran Navakas, Institute Coordinator 

 Join us for the 2012 Summer Institute at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 20-22!