North Central College - Naperville, IL

Social Consequences of New Media

The introduction of the Internet has profoundly changed social communication. New media has affected almost all aspects of life, from the way children are raised to how war is conducted. To bring a better grasp of new media’s effects, Social Consequences of New Media will create an understanding of social media’s history, the ability to analyze issues and project scenarios, and an understanding of the helpful and harmful effects of social media.

This course will explore topics like the effect of social or new media, on families including video games; teens and sexting; social networks and families; politics, including the Internet’s part in the 2008 election; government institutions and warfare; the economy, including networked workers and music; education and online education; law; medicine; vices, including fear of online crime and Internet gambling; and what this new media means for the future.

Assignments may include writings about how media usage has affected students’ lives personally, a paper examining the beneficial and detrimental social consequences of new media, and readings from current industry periodicals and books.