North Central College - Naperville, IL

Secondary Degree Requirements

During your first year in the program, you’ll gain experience impacting K-12 student learning and complete EDN 101/Teaching Today, psychology and general education courses.  You’ll also take the Test of Academic Proficiency.

In your second year, you’ll complete another field experience and take foundational coursework in teaching methods. You will also demonstrate your beginning skills in planning and teaching lessons, as well as facilitating student engagement and comprehension.

In your third year, your coursework cover such topics as secondary teaching methods, assessment of learning, content reading and reading methods, and foundations and methods of special education. You’ll be introduced to the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), a performance-based assessment that is designed to measure the effectiveness of all aspects of teaching. North Central faculty and your field experience teacher-mentors will assess your progress, and you’ll take a state exam in your intended content field. In your third-year field experience you will further develop your planning and instructional skills and complete a practice edTPA so you are prepared for the formal assessment you will take during your residency.

Your fourth year will culminate with a 20-week student-teaching residency. You’ll demonstrate your skills through the edTPA and Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT). After successfully completing your residency and all required coursework, you will be prepared to apply for state licensure and graduation from North Central College.

By the end of your four years, you will spend close to 1000 hours in a variety of school settings, working with individual students, small groups, and teaching full class lessons in your content area.  During the 20-week residency you’ll develop from an effective co-teacher to the full role of taking over all responsibilities of the classroom teacher.