North Central College - Naperville, IL


Self-Study Coordinator
Dr. Peter Barger, Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education, served as Self-Study Coordinator.

Steering Committee
The Self-Study Coordinator chaired the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee was responsible for HLC’s Criterion One (Mission and Integrity) and consisted of the chairs of the Criteria Working Groups, the President, and the President’s Cabinet.

Criteria Working Groups
Four Criteria Working Groups were responsible for the following HLC criteria:
Working Group Criterion Two (Preparing for the Future)
Working Group Criterion Three (Student Learning and Effective Teaching)
Working Group Criterion Four (Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge)
Working Group Criterion Five (Engagement and Service)

Membership in each of the Criteria Working Groups consisted of:
Three faculty members
Two staff members
Two student members
One Trustee liaison

Involving Faculty, Staff, Trustees, Students, Alumni, Employers/Internship Supervisors
Through surveys, focus groups, and forums, an invitation to participate in the Self-Study was extended to all segments of the College community. This web-site disseminated information related to the Self-Study process.