North Central College - Naperville, IL


North Central College is a community of learners dedicated to preparing students to be informed, involved, principled and productive citizens and leaders over their lifetime. A comprehensive liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church, North Central fulfills its mission by recognizing the individual needs of students at different stages of life and from different ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds -- students who bring diverse expectations to the educational process -- with programs responsive to those needs (residential, outreach, full-time, part-time, undergraduate and master's level) while ensuring that all students experience in common:

  • One faculty committed to teaching ... in small classes ... in which writing and speaking skills are emphasized, and one standard that is applied to all degree recipients.
  • Educational programs rooted in the liberal arts but also actively engaging the world of work and the practical skills needed for jobs and successful careers.
  • A commitment, both inside and outside the classroom, to teaching leadership, ethics and values.