North Central College - Naperville, IL

Lincoln Elementary School

Addison School District 4

In summer 2010, a partnership was established with Lincoln Elementary School to offer a summer school program to elementary students in Kindergarten through fourth grade. Elementary students from this high need school receive instruction in reading, writing and math three half days per week for six weeks. North Central pre-service teachers receive training in teaching diverse learners in conjunction with the Junior/Senior Scholars Program prior to the start of the summer program. After conducting pre-assessments in reading and math, the pre-service teachers work with a class of six to eight students, planning and teaching lessons that address the needs identified in the pre-assessments. Pre-service teachers conduct post-assessments at the end of the program to show their impact on student learning. Lincoln also provides elementary education pre-service teachers with a job shadow opportunity during D-Term. This allows pre-service teachers to be mentored in an all-day field experience for two consecutive weeks. Pre-service teachers who take advantage of the D-term experience utilize various co-teaching models during their time in the classroom.