North Central College - Naperville, IL

International Business Study Abroad

International Business Study Abroad does what no class in a classroom can do: provides an experience in another country that has a different business practice and culture. This course explores the role of Greece in Southeast European Union. Students will attempt to identify the political, social, legal and economic dynamics of the region as they relate to Greece. With Greece being the only European Union member in the area, it faces the opportunities and challenges of providing a leading role. The term “Balkanization” was coined in this region to illustrate the complexities and difficulties to proceed with economic, social, political and legal prosperity. The seminar includes topics such as the role of Greece in the global/regional economy, entrepreneurship and development in the region, monetary union, immigration and urbanization, international organizations (NATO, WTO, EU, etc.), Greece and relations with neighbors. Moreover, it addresses fundamental cultural, political, economic and legal issues relating to managing and operating a business in Greece.