North Central College - Naperville, IL

International Business Project or Internship

In International Business project students work in teams to provide solutions to a business problem or strategic project. The students may work with a company on a professional project or a series of case problems in order to provide strategic international options. By using classroom knowledge and applying it to situations, students will discover the hang-ups that come in real-life and have the support required to solve these problems. The professional project delivers hands-on experience of the markets, economic policies and business practices of the country in which the company operates or wishes to operate. The business problem or strategic project will require students to apply creativity and analytical tools to complete the project and communicate the results to the respective audience.

Building on a foundation created in International Business Strategy or International Entrepreneurship, this course expands further on the problems that business plans face. This course should be taken during the last two terms of the M.I.B.A. program.


International Business Internship

Students who qualify may pursue an internship to enhance their skills and capabilities. The M.I.B.A. coordinator will consult with Career Development to develop these internships. These internships provide valuable international business experience, making students a good investment for future employers who can always see the skills have been put to the test.