North Central College - Naperville, IL

"I like a big plate."

"I'm in clubs and activities that I'm passionate about. You have to like what you're doing." - Student Governing Association president Michael Gross

I like a big plate.

"The best thing I can tell someone about college life is to prioritize the activities you enjoy and don't get over-involved. People complain that they're so busy and they have to do this or that or attend a meeting," Michael Gross says. "I'm very busy, but I'm only in clubs and activities that I'm passionate about you have to like what you're doing."

Coming from a large high school, Michael knew just what he wanted in a college a place where people would say "hi" and where he wasn't just a number.

"In high school I was focused on wrestling," says Michael. "I hurt my knee my senior year, so I knew I had to try something else."

He spent his first term at North Central College establishing a good grade point average and getting involved in the Student Governing Association (SGA) finance committee and in intramurals. That was just a warmup for his sophomore year, when he helped establish the new Entrepreneurship and International Business Organization.

An international business major, he also has been involved with activities that complement his Chinese minor and said that building friendships with fellow students of the language “helped us learn much faster. At Honors Day in May, Michael presented research about the role of culture in determining the success of an international business meeting.

Michael's biggest impact on campus will come during 2008-09 when he serves as SGA president, a goal he set for himself after attending the May 2008 Board of Trustees meeting.

"You could see the big picture and the potential for influence and opportunity," he says."I want to see what I can do to make the College better."