North Central College - Naperville, IL

Health & Safety Policies

The health and safety of our community of students, faculty and staff is a priority at North Central College. Good management and the development of policies that promote health and safety is an essential part of the ethos of the College. For more information on campus health and safety policies, please contact Tatiana Sifri, director of the Dyson Wellness Center,, 630-637-5550, or Marc Molina, director of the Department of Campus Safety,, 630-637-5912.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
Campus Safety Reports and Crime Log Procedures
Campus Disciplinary Procedures
Campus Emergency Procedures and Communication
Campus Safety Information
Services for Students with Disabilities
Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Prevention
Emergency Response and Evacuation Policy
Drone Policy
Fire Safety Policies
Annual Fire Report
Annual Fire Equipment Report
Illinois Sex Offender Information
Immunization Policy
Information for Crime Victims on Disciplinary Hearings
Missing Person Policy
Timely Warning Policy