North Central College - Naperville, IL

First-Year Experience

Karl KelleyThe first year of college will certainly be an experience.  But what kind of experience will it be?

With high school in the rear-view mirror, you will enjoy newfound freedoms and responsibilities. You will choose your classes, when to study and which campus activities and organizations you will get involved in. The First-Year Experience (FYE) program provides an extensive support framework to inform and guide your decisions. You’ll learn how to access the academic, social, personal and technological resources that will help create a successful and seamless transition to college and beyond. The FYE program will:

  • Prepare you for the challenges of college-level academic work
  • Introduce you to the vast resources and unique opportunities that North Central offers
  • Encourage a strong mentoring relationship with your faculty advisor
  • Help you understand or choose your college major
  • Connect you with successful upper-class student mentors
  • Help you build friendships with your peers, including those with similar academic interests
  • Engage you in community involvement and service

The FYE program synthesizes all the pieces of your first-year experience:

Summer Orientation

This initial one-day immersion gets you acclimated to our campus, registered for fall classes, and acquainted with your classmates, faculty advisor and orientation staff.  You will even receive your first assignment: your summer reading which is This I Believe II, edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman.

Faculty Advisors
During your Summer Orientation session, you'll meet one of the most important people on campus– your faculty advisor. All the advisors are hand-picked because of their excellent reputations as teachers/scholars and their love for helping first-year students. Your advisor will help you choose your classes, declare your major at the appropriate time, and build a four-year plan to maximize your experience and take advantage of every curricular and co-curricular opportunity available to you. Your advisor will teach your FYE 100 course in the fall and continue to meet with you informally and individually throughout the year. 

Welcome Week
Welcome Week, which starts five days before regular classes begin, provides the opportunities for you to dive headlong into the North Central experience. You’ll have a chance to get settled, explore the campus and downtown Naperville, get your books and ID, and meet new friends.

Fall FYE 100 Course
Starting in Welcome Week, you'll take the FYE 100 class along with other first-year students. This one-credit course will meet weekly for the first seven weeks of fall term. Taught by your faculty advisor with the assistance of a First Year Mentor the course will build upon the theme of the summer reading.  There will also be ample opportunity to talk with your faculty advisor, FYE mentor  and fellow students about some very practical issues in becoming a successful college student.

One of the unique benefits of North Central College's academic schedule is what we call December Term or D-Term.  With fall term ending before Thanksgiving and winter term starting in January, we offer a three-week term filled with innovative academic and experiential opportunities, such as international trips, service experiences and Verandah courses