North Central College - Naperville, IL

Book Buy Back

The Bookstore buys textbooks back from students every day of the year. However, the very best time to sell books back is the period immediately before finals or during finals week. By this time, we have a majority of the professors' book orders for the upcoming term, and we are buying books for the upcoming term to re-sell here at the Bookstore. During Fall finals we buy books for the Winter term; during Winter finals we buy books for the Spring term; during Spring finals we buy books for the Summer and Fall terms.

If the book you are selling is being used for the next term here at North Central, we will buy back our needs at 50% of the current selling price. This is the maximum you will receive for a buyback.

If a book is not being used at North Central for the upcoming term or if we have already fulfilled our required quantities, you may receive a wholesale price for that book which is 10%-33% of the current selling price. Wholesale prices are based on the national demand for each book and are subject to change. This wholesale service is available through the wholesale division of the Follett Higher Education Group.

If a textbook has gone to a new edition or if there is no national demand, the book will have no buyback value.