North Central College - Naperville, IL



December is a popular month to travel for North Central students. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which we call “D-term,” students embarked on trips to France, Morocco, Ghana, Germany and Guatemala.

Seven students were enlightened about the culture, economic development and environmental issues of Ghana, thanks to the expertise of Kimberly Sluis, a former Peace Corps worker in Ghana and now assistant dean for student life. Students were able to immerse themselves in the culture—eating with families, developing relationships and witnessing every day life in a growing Ghanaian village. They also helped with the hard labor of harvesting plantains, cassava and cocoa yam.

In France, students enjoyed their time in Paris, where they visited the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre.

IMG_1211.tifAnother group of students prepared for their trip to Morocco by learning social dos and don’ts before arriving in the predominantly Muslim country. After visiting Casablanca they traveled to Fez, where they experienced the hospitality of host families, developed a taste for Moroccan cuisine and explored the Medina open market.

In Germany, students saw how the ruins of ancient churches and other buildings bombed during World War II remain as reminders to people in Berlin. Studies of German history, architecture and language were interwoven into activities like shopping and dining.

On another continent, North Central’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) group visited Guatemala to see firsthand how they could help farmers in Central America sell their coffee to foreign customers.

Where will you go?
In December 2009, students will have the opportunity to once again visit France and Guatemala. The Germany trip will include a visit to Israel as part of an intense study of the Holocaust. Additional trips will introduce students to the cultures of Greece and Mexico.