North Central College - Naperville, IL

The Theatre at Meiley-Swallow

The Theatre at Meiley-Swallow is ideal for speakers, panel discussions, and presentations, as well as intimate musical and theatre productions. With seating for 239 people, the cozy setting has played host to many notable figures such as Bill Bryson, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Antonio Sacre, Garth Stein and Donald Miller.
The building is located at 31 S Ellsworth Street.

Theater type:
Thrust theater

Proscenium Arch: Width:19’ Height: 13’
Thrust from plaster line:24’
Thrust width:20’
Plaster line to upstage wall: 8’
Wing space stage left: 4’ 00”
Wing space stage right: 8’ 00”
Wing space up stage: none
Stage is at level of main floor 

Theatrical lighting system
Theatrical sound system
Clearcom System

Sound Board
Lighting Board
No color front of house  lights
No color overhead lights



Building Features:
Green room
Dressing room(s)
Projector and Screen
Private backstage entrance for performers
Gendered back stage restrooms
Audience restrooms located in main lobby 

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*not all room reservations are listed on the Fine Arts Calendar.