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These presentations may be of special interest to K-12 students, their parents or their teachers... but be sure to browse other sections for topics appropriate for schools

Coping with Academic Success and Failure
Addresses how people react to success and failure and discusses ways to maintain success or overcome failure. Can be tailored to special groups such as families of K-12 or college students in academic difficulty. *
Karl Kelley, professor of psychology 630-637-5326

NEW Building Team Effectiveness
Establishing identity and developing effective meetings are two critical components of effective teams. Presenter has worked with administrative and school teams to create strong team identity and design meetings that are highly productive for all members.
Kristine Servais, assistant professor of education  630-637-5746

Career Coaching For High School Seniors
How to maximize your college experience while preparing for a career. How to learn, have fun and develop an excellent career. Topics include how success relates to GPA, knowledge, internships, study abroad and student organizations.
Robert Moussetis, associate professor of international business and strategy 630-637-5475

A Better Way: Nonviolent Dispute Resolution
Explores the concept of nonviolent dispute/conflict resolution and how it can heal relationships and overcome problems. The method can be applied in domestic, classroom, organizational, national and even international settings.
Thomas Cavenagh, professor of business law and conflict resolution, director of North Central's dispute resolution program, and an experienced mediator  630-637-5157

The Diversity Factor
The meaning of "diversity" in American culture, its promises and problems, along with suggestions on how to encourage it in schools, corporations, and communities.
Richard Guzman, professor of English and a consultant to Naperville schools on the issue of diversity  630-637-5280

My Teacher Was a Microchip
What effects will the current micro-revolution have on the way we learn, where we learn, and who - or what - we learn from? Explores computer-based technology for facilitating education and training.*
Stephen Renk, professor of computer science
Can prepare presentations on a wide variety of topics related to computer technology  630-637-5170

M.C. Escher: Connecting Art, Music and Mathematics
M.C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist who created some of the most memorable images of this century, many involving interlocking shapes which completely cover the page. This presentation includes a look at several of Escher's images as well as the connections between Escher's work and such seemingly unrelated topics as the Canons of Bach and the mathematics of symmetry. Can be adapted for students in grades 4-12. *
Richard J. Wilders, professor of mathematics  630-637-5234

For Choral Educators: Body and Mind in the Choral Rehearsal
Lecture/demonstration on the use of physical gesture and movement with choral singers to develop vocal skill and enhance musical understanding. Piano, speaking microphone, blackboard and (possibly) risers required. *
Ramona M. Wis, Ph.D., Mimi Rolland professor in the fine arts; chairperson of art, music and theatre.
Available to speak or consult on music education/choral music issues and guest conduct area choral groups  630-637-5629

For Music Educators: Choral Rehearsal Design and Techniques
Learn a rehearsal model and techniques which encourage development of thinking, creative choral performers while maximizing rehearsal time. Can be adapted to cover both choral and instrumental rehearsals. Piano, blackboard and (possibly) speaking microphone required. *
Ramona M. Wis, Mimi Rolland professor in the fine arts; chairperson of art, music and theatre.
Available to speak or consult on music education/choral music issues and guest conduct area choral groups   630-637-5629

*Audiovisual equipment needed; discuss with speaker.