North Central College - Naperville, IL

Pfeiffer Hall

Pfeiffer Hall
Pfeiffer Hall

Located on the Corner of Benton Avenue and Brainard Street in the Heart of the North Central College campus, Pfeiffer Hall is a grand venue with a proscenium stage. As the largest performing arts venue on campus, Pfeiffer Hall has hosted a large variety of events in its 85 year history.

The auditorium features a total seating capacity of 1,055 with main floor seating for 588 and balcony seating for 467. The hall also houses classrooms and practice rooms for the College’s departments of music and theatre and continuing education music programs for the community.

Over the years, Pfeiffer Hall has undergone renovations to its exterior, interior furnishings, sound systems, and air comfort systems. Pfeiffer Hall is ideal for theatrical and musical events as well as lectures, films and other large events.

The building is located at 310 E Benton Avenue.

Theater Type:
Main floor seating
Balcony seating

Theatrical lighting system
Theatrical sound system
Clearcom System
Fly system

Sound Board
Lighting Board
No color front of house lights
No color overhead lights

Proscenium arch: width: 49’ 6” Proscenium Height: 23’ 00”
Stage depth with apron: 32’ 00”
Stage depth without apron: 21’ 00”
Stage depth from plaster line: 19’ 6”
Wing space stage left: 4’ 00”
Wing space stage right: 2’ 00”
Wing space up stage: none
Height of stage: 4’ 6”

Building Features:
Green room
Dressing room(s)
Curtains and Masking
Projector and Screen
Private backstage entrance for performers
Gendered back stage restrooms
Audience restrooms located on second floor

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*not all room reservations are listed on the Fine Arts Calendar.