North Central College - Naperville, IL

Camper Code of Conduct


1. Please treat others with respect and use your manners.

2. Follow all rules and directions given by counselors and instructors.

3. Respect the rights of fellow campers and visitors.

4. Respect the property of others by keeping the places that we visit neat and clean. Help put away equipment and games when you are through . Don’t damage any of the equipment, supplies, or     facilities at your site.  We would like to enjoy them all summer long.

5. Share in all of the activities that have been planned. All activities have been planned to make your summer FUN!

6. Be responsible for the things that you bring to camp and do not take things that are not yours. Every day before you leave, check to see that you are taking home everything you brought that day and not someone else’s things. If possible, please label  all your belongings.

7. Be careful and watch out for others throughout camp and when moving from one place to another. Please use all equipment properly and if you see something out of place or broken tell a counselor immediately. 

8. Stay with your camp group and counselor at all times. This is one of the most important rules and will be enforced. Campers are not allowed to go near or cross streets, unless accompanied by camp staff.

9. When in the cafeteria, remember that we are guests of the places that we visit. Clean up all garbage and push in chairs before leaving.

10. DO– Make new friends, have loads of fun, share new experiences and have a terrific summer at camp!