North Central College - Naperville, IL

Tim Whitney: Renaissance Man

Tim Whitney

Renaissance Man

Tim Whitney is a very inquisitive kind of guy. He has interests in so many fields of study and areas of research that he has declared two majors (studio art and math) and two minors (art history and history of ideas), and he anticipates adding a third minor (business administration). He’s also passionate about social justice, photography and design, and he foresees a career in industrial design and human factor psychology.

“That’s the beauty of North Central, that you can pursue what you love without boundaries,” he says.

To further explore his options, Tim has made use of North Central’s support for research by presenting at the College’s Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research. During 2009, he researched the reciprocal relationship between shutter speed and aperture using a digital camera. At the 2010 Rall Symposium, he’ll present a business plan for a website that will ultimately catalog and rate not-for-profit social justice organizations from around the world, with the goal of helping potential volunteers and donors make informed decisions. During next December Term, he envisions visiting colleges around the United States to collect recommendations using North Central grant funding that he’s applied for.

“I want to visit college ministry offices, for example, as a resource because they have nonprofits they trust for their student volunteers,” Tim says. He also traveled with a North Central group to Columbia during spring break and helped a human service organization there with its website.

Tim’s newest interest is investigating human factor design in psychology research facilities, which he hopes will provide design ideas for North Central to use in building a future science center. He anticipates this research will inspire his College Scholar Honors Thesis.

“The great thing about North Central is that you can talk to professors and people in ministry and service, or anyone else, and they’ll give you time and advice,” he adds.