North Central College - Naperville, IL

A smooth transition

A smooth transition

Starting college can seem overwhelming with so many choices to make, new academic challenges and different social situations. North Central College’s First-Year Experience (FYE) is designed to help make this adjustment positive and rewarding.

First, you’ll attend a one-day summer orientation, where you’ll learn your way around campus, meet your faculty advisor, register for courses and start to make new friends. You’ll also receive a copy of the summer reading book, Zeitoun, that will be discussed when you arrive on campus in the fall.

Next, it’s Welcome Week in September, during which you’ll have five days to get settled, buy your books (and maybe a Cardinal sweatshirt or two), enjoy entertaining activities and explore downtown Naperville. You’ll also begin attending your seven-week Fall FYE 100 course, which will be taught by your faculty advisor. FYE includes personal meetings with your advisor to learn more about what courses to take in the future and how to get involved on campus. Whether you decide to study abroad, get involved with varsity or intramurals sports, Model UN, Students In Free Enterprise, one-on-one research, service projects, or any other opportunities, you’ll soon see what we mean by “Be central” when you’re a student at North Central.

“The first-year students’ relationships with their advisors are the most valuable aspect of the program,” says Lou Corsino, professor of sociology, who oversees the program. “Our goal is to make our students’ experience on campus as rich as possible over their four years.”