North Central College - Naperville, IL

Résumés with an international flair

Louis Waldmeir wanted an internship experience while he studied abroad in Heidelberg, Germany. Through his academic program there, he landed an internship working at a small brewery.

“Being a German major, it was awesome to be able to learn and use the language in a workplace instead of just a classroom,” Louis says.“The internship also sparked an interest for me in Germany’s beer culture. I am currently working on my honors thesis, which will deal with the intertwining nature of German history, beer and greater German identity and culture.”

Louis’ experience at Brauerei zum Klosterhof—a small, organic brewery—included a wide range of tasks, from sanitizing equipment to adding the hops and malt to delivering bottles and kegs to local grocers and bars. Taste-testing during the process was also allowed.

The internship has sparked his career interest in the growing industry of craft breweries in the United States. “I learned enough to be able to work in many different capacities in a craft brewery here. It would be a great industry to be involved with.”