North Central College - Naperville, IL

Kitt Vanderwater: Exactly What Google Was Searching For

This summer, I participated in a software engineering internship at the Kirkland, WA, office of Google.

Working as part of a team, and with a partner from another university (mine was from Georgetown), we were able to put together a massive project in only ten weeks! I got to witness first-hand how effectively Google functions as a group. Additionally, every Friday we attended classes dealing with topics ranging from presentation skills to tech-specific stuff like HTML5.

Working there was a blast. Google notoriously spoils its interns. Everyone I talked to was willing to help me figure out what I wanted to do after college.

Although we worked 10-hour days, two hours were spent eating gourmet meals. Plus, I went kayaking, spent two days at a spa resort, went to a Mariners game and went out to eat more times than I can count.

And the best part was, I actually got paid to do all of that.

Central Time, Volume 3, Issue 2